Welcome to the stoneyard

The Harper's Stoneyard department has a large selection sourced from across Canada. If your looking to add a natural look or create a modern appeal, we have all the products you need to complete your landscape vision. We can load your trailer or deliver it right to your home.

Want to learn how to install a patio or create a rock garden? Vist our Advice page and learn more.

Natural Stone

We have a selection of Flagstone, Wall Stone, and Armour Stone cut from local quarries. Natural Stone is a simple way to add a big impact to your home.


Let us help you find that ideal rock for your garden, whether it be a centerpiece or accent to your luscious landscape. Selections include Marble, Limestone, and Granite. 


Looking to make a beautiful backyard patio or a upgrade that worn out pathway? We have a selection of concrete pavers, slabs, and wall stone to help you complete your project.

Decorative Stone

With a large selection from granite to marble, our decorative stone can give a stylish low maintenance option for your landscape. 


We have everything to help complete your landscaping project. Sand, Gravel, and Screening are available in bags, by the yard, or delivered.   

Soils & Mulch

We have everything to help complete your landscaping project. Soil, mulch, and more are available in bulk and can be delivered.   

Our Brands