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Bagged Soils

Compost with Peat & Bark Biofor®

  • Clay-breaker: Lightens clay soils & facilitates root development
  • Provides plants with nutrients essential to their growth

Sea Compost with Peat, Seaweed & Shrimp

  • Approved for ORGANIC CULTURE
  • Contains seaweed and shrimp which stimulates plant growth
  • Increases water retention of sandy soils

Composted Manure (Sheep & Cow)

  • 100% natural
  • High organic matter content
  • Stimulate biological activity in the soil
  • Also available with just Cow Manure

Veranda® Container Mix

  • 2X more blooms than most popular container mixes*
  • 30% less watering than most popular container mixes*
  • Contains coconut husk fibre for easy wetting and superior water retention

Gardening Soil

  • Enriched with compost
  • High level of organic matter
  • Excellent basic product

Viva Lawn® Repair Mix

  • Provides ideal germination conditions - results in 5 days
  • Lawn 2X thicker
  • High water retention capacity and nutritive elements
  • Enriched with compost and quick release natural fertilizer

3/1 Annual & Perennial

  • Provides abundant blooms
  • Helps plants establish fast roots after transplant
  • Enriched with compost and Fertilizer therefore no fertilization required for up to 12 weeks.

3/1 Vegetables Garden Planting Mix

  • Approved for organic gardening
  • Enriched with compost which favors an abundant harvest

3/1 Tree and Shrub Planting Mix

  • Provides 2X quicker growth than most popular brand soil mixes*
  • Fast recovery after transplant
  • Enriched with compost and fertilizer for perfect fertilisation up to 12 weeks.

3/1 Planting Mix

  • Ready to use
  • Weed free
  • Contributes to rapid plant re-growth

Acid-loving Plants & Berries Soil Mix

  • Intensifies color of azaleas, rhododendrons and blue hydrangeas
  • Rapid plant re-growth thanks to bark and compost
  • Provides a low pH soil to plants

Urban Garden Container Mix

  • Approved for organic culture
  • Reduces watering frequency because of the coconut husk fibre content which retains water
  • Enriched with compost for a natural growth

Bulk Mulch

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Natural Cedar Mulch

Pine Bark Nuggets


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