Have your landscape designed by a pro!



 Discuss design ideas with a professional that includes a basic sketch with design and plant suggestions. 


 Have our landscape designer come to you! Includes basic sketch with design and plant suggestions. 


Includes an on-site visit with the customer to review the property and discuss design ideas. Upon completion of the drawing we review the landscape design with the customer on-site. All drawings are to scale and include labeled plant recommendations.  


Terms and conditions : All designs are based on a 1500 square foot area of which approximately half will be landscaped. One (1) revision only is included in the above drawings. It would be subject to the hourly rate after. Hourly rate of the landscape designer is $120 per man hour. All drawings are the ownership of Harper’s Garden Centre & Landscape Division until payment happens. Ownership of the drawings is transferred to the client upon receipt of payment. Hst is applied to all work