Harper's Garden Centre | Statuary
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Statuary Department

Harper’s Garden Centre – Statuary and Garden Features


Garden Ornaments, Statuary and Planters are points of interest that will draw people into the garden. Place at the base of steps, next to gates or entrances, on terraces or patios, at junctions where paths cross, or to terminate a view down a straight path.

TIPS – Always place a statue, bench or birdbath on a solid foundation and not on grass, soil, or an uneven surface. Failure to do so can cause product to topple. Worried about standing water in your birdbath or water feature? Harper’s has a safe and easy product to use. MOSQUITO BARRIER!


There is no danger to plants or animals, and it lasts up to 4 weeks. If the planter is not to remain planted over the winter, we suggest that it be stored out of the elements in a garage or a shed. If a planter is to be left outside unplanted, we suggest that you empty the planter of soil, turn the planter upside down onto wood strips, and cover or wrap the planter with clean burlap or other absorbent material and then cover with light colour plastic. Birdbath tops and shells should not be left outside in winter because if the bowl fills with water, snow, or ice and freezes, expansion will cause the top to crack. Therefore all birdbath tops and shells should be stored indoors in winter.