Harper's Garden Centre | Nursery
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Nursery Department

Harper’s Garden Centre – Nursery


Welcome to Harper’s Garden Centre’s Nursery Department.

We stand out from our competitors as a result of our diverse selections of Shrubs and Trees, our dedication to quality products, and our passion to provide the best customer service.

Our Nursery team members are professional and qualified Horticultural advisors with a real love of all products we sell.

Put your garden in our hands and we guarantee you will have the best garden on the block!











Here are some answers to the most common questions we in the Nursery department get asked:


Q: Will all plants in the Nursery  that I want grow in my garden?
A: Absolutely NOT. You must know the conditions of your garden in order to determine which plants you will be able to grow successfully. Keep track of the surrounding conditions and know the exposure of your garden (ie, how much sun, how much shade, what is your soil like, etc). We can then help determine which plants you may consider.

Q: Why has my Hydrangea stopped blooming?
A: Do not prune until new growth has flushed out in the spring. Hydrangea plants are heavy feeders, so use a fertilizer which has Iron/ Magnesium & Phosphorus (eg. Langbeinite by Welcome Harvest Farm).


Q: What can I use to keep aphids and other soft bodied insects from eating my plants?
A: Spray with Neem Oil or Horticultural Oil every 7 – 10 days.


Q: Why are the leaves on my plants turning black, or white with a filmy appearance?
A: Fungus, Mold and Mildew begin in the spring if the weather is wet and temperatures fluctuate day and night. Clean plant by removing as much of the affected area as possible. Apply a Copper Sulphate solution every 7 – 10 days.


Q: How big a hole should I dig to plant my tree or shrub?
A: In general, you must dig a hole that is as deep as your root ball and two to three times the diameter.


TIP: One of the biggest mistakes people make is overwatering/under watering. Do not love your plant to death by giving it a little water daily. Instead water deeply once a week. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our Nursery Department staff. Even if you feel it’s a silly question; we are here to help. It is our personal goal to make sure your gardens meet your best expectations!